Legit and Quick Way to Earn Money in 2020

If you are willing to make money online or offline quickly in a legit way, then you are in the right place.  Before we disclose the top 5 legit ways to make 200 dollars in one day, make sure to answer all the questions below.

Are you reading this article in 2020?
Do you want to Make Money Quickly?
Do you want to earn money in a legit way?
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If your answer is YES to all the questions above, then we are happy to let you know that this article is especially for you, because you are going to make yourself wealthy in the next few minutes.

Little Knowledge is Dangerous. So before we proceed, make sure not to skip any sentences. You may miss the most important piece of information.

Whether you are a housewife, a retired employee, a college student, a full-time worker or want to work extra hours to make extra income, these ideas are going to work for every one of you. So, if you have any unique skills and can invest your time then we guarantee you that you are going to fill up your pocket full of cash.

Legit & Proven Ways to Make 200 Dollars in One Day




Are you crafty or good at handicraft design? You could turn your hobby into a money-making venture by setting up your handicraft shop on Etsy. It is one of the proven ways to make 200 dollars per day.

Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy & sell handmade & vintage goods. It is designed specifically for “unique items”. The platform has 1.7 million active sellers and 28.6 million active buyers.

There are countless success stories of people who make handsome money every day on Etsy.

Etsy offers a meaningful & personal shopping experience to consumers & gives independent, creative businesses around the world the tools to be successful. Etsy is a popular website for people who want to buy beautiful handmade stuff like paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, costume jewelry, and other things.

You can set up a free marketplace on Etsy on a trial basis. And fill your pocket by selling any handmade or exclusive things you have.

The best thing about Etsy is that after the successful closing, the money from buyers goes immediately to your bank account or debit card.




Thumbtack utilizes a pay-per-lead scheme. It is an incredibly powerful tool for acquiring customers. For those of you who have never heard of Thumbtack, it’s a tool where consumers are seeking for the service and service providers fulfilling consumers’ needs with the skills they have.

Thumbtack has an excellent app that gives you the freedom to earn $200 or much more in a day. They provide two iOS applications: one for the small business owners, and the other for customers in search of services. All you need is some unique skill to get a task in Thumbtack.

Thumbtack has been providing its service since 2008 and now worth about $830 million.  Currently, Thumbtack lists 1,100 types of services in categories such as home, wellness, events, IT, instructor, marketing consulting, etc.

How to Get Started in Thumbtack?

Getting started is really easy. You can download the Thumbtack app and register yourself. Select the matching skills you can offer and set the price range you’re willing to work for. Within a few days, you’ll start to get the number of customers that require your work. Most of the jobs will offer you at least $50 per hour while some can get you $100 per hour. It all depends on your skill and time.  See how to succeed with Thumbtack. 




TaskRabbit, a web platform launched in 2008. It is an online mobile marketplace that matches freelancers with local demand or tasks, like cleaning, moving, delivery, yard work, handyman work, etc.  You can earn money by helping people with their everyday to-dos. It can make you $200 or more in a single day and sometimes $2000 in a week. Become a tasker and work independently to make good extra money on your own terms.

According to Apartment Therapy “TaskRabbit, one of the biggest players in the gig economy where people offer their time and services as housecleaners, movers, furniture assemblers…”

Now, you may be wondering how to get started in TaskRabbit.

How to Get Started in TaskRabbit?

Getting started is very simple. Download the app from Google Play or App Store. Open the app and complete the registration form and be sure to check your email for any additional instructions.  You can also set pay rates and state your level of experience. You’ll then need to provide some references or credentials for the background check as TaskRabbit requires background checks for all U.S. applicants. The reference like your legal name and date of birth must be genuine to verify your identity to run a background check report.

After successful registration, you’ll be a ‘Tasker’ and you need to attend an orientation. Whenever there is any task nearby you, then TaskRabbit notifies you of potential jobs. You can select the one and confirm your details with the client. Finally, make sure to complete the task and submit your invoice.

Note: To be eligible, you must be age 21 or older, ensure you have a checking account and credit card, and pass background and ID checks.




Microworkers is an online platform that connects Employers and Workers from around the world. Microworkers are not the fastest way to earn a huge sum at the initial phase, but as you grow to build up your reputation, then certainly you will earn more than $200 per day. 

You can be a housewife, a student who needs extra money, or if you simply love helping others while making some extra cash alongside, this is the place for you. You can work as a freelancer and earn extra money.

Some of the tasks you get in Microworkers is, Adding Comments, Liking someone’s youtube video, Downloading Apps, Forum Participation, Testing Websites, Writing Articles, etc. The minimum payment for a task starts from $5 up to $100 per hour, for specialized skills.


How to Get Started in Microworkers?

Open Microworkers.com and register with your genuine information, as you have to verify everything later. After filling up the form, make sure to check your email for activation.   See more on how to register. 

Once you activate your Microworkers account, simply click the Task Link (List Available Jobs) which will then display the task information. Once you complete the task, you can see the balance added to your account.

You must earn at least $10 for payout. The payment is usually done through PayPal, Dwolla or Skrill. You need to verify your PIN before getting the payouts. It can take some time to withdraw your first payment as you will have to wait up to 4 weeks for the PIN to arrive by post.

Note: Microworkers doesn’t allow multiple accounts. 




Postmates is an American company that employs couriers to deliver goods locally. It operates across America. They deliver food from various restaurants to customers. They give this delivery task to people like us.  You will need to pick up food packages from restaurants and deliver them to customers. You can earn more than $20 per hour doing the delivery service for PostMates.

PostMates pays weekly via direct deposit for all deliveries completed between Monday–Sunday of the previous week.  Sometimes you will also get a small tip from the happy customers to reward your efforts.

How can you Get Started in PostMates?

All you have to do is. Open postmates.com in your browser and sign up with your genuine info. Once you’re signed up, pass a background check by entering your date of birth and social security number and attended an orientation. You will be able to start delivering once your account has been activated. See more on how to sign up for PostMates.



These 5 fleets are quick, legit and proven ways that can make you more than $200 per day. You don’t have to worry much instead make an effort on your side and complete the given task. If you can offer a unique skill then Etsy and Thumbstack would be the better option for you to earn huge money.

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Facts About CoronaVirus – Ways to save yourself

Facts About CoronaVirus – Ways to save yourself

A computer rendering of the surface of SARS-CoV-2, the virus strain that causes COVID-19. Photo Courtesy: CDC

Nepal government has introduced emergency measures such as closures of schools and colleges, imposed a ban on a gathering of over 25 people and arrival restrictions for passengers from Europe, the Middle East, Gulf countries, Malaysia, Turkey, South Korea, and Japan to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19. Misinformation and false claims about the pandemic, however, continue to spread especially through social media. We have examined several such claims being circulated among the users of social media in Nepal.

Does gargling with warm water with salt or vinegar cure COVID-19?

A meme circulating on Facebook and other social media platforms claim that gargling with warm water mixed with salt or vinegar can eliminate COVID-19. It claims that after the virus reaches the throat, it remains there for four days and causes coughing and throat pain.

While Nepalis have traditionally used the solution as a domestic remedy for throat pain and coughing, there’s no evidence that it cures coronavirus. According to the US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gargling with warmed water mixed with salt/vinegar helps soothe a sore throat, but there’s no proof that it eliminates coronavirus.

Does rinsing your nose with saline water help prevent COVID-19?

It’s a misleading claim. It’s true that it can help people recover from the common cold, but it’s not a cure for the coronavirus. Debunking the myth, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said: “There is no evidence that regularly rinsing the nose with saline has protected people from infection with the new coronavirus.”

Can COVID-19 coronavirus survive on the surface of iron for 12 hours?                                

A YouTube channel called Official Khabar posted a video claiming that coronavirus can survive for 12 hours on the surface of the iron. Though other tips the video has offered appeared to be accurate, this one is misleading.

According to a research paper authored by scientists from the National Institute of Health and published in New England Journal of Medicine, the virus could be detected in aerosols and on surfaces ranging from a few hours to several days.  “We found that viable virus could be detected in aerosols up to 3 hours post aerosolization, up to 4 hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel,” the report said.

Will warm temperature help reduce the spread of the coronavirus?

With the end of winter, the temperature is rising across Nepal. Claims that the rise of temperature above 30 degrees Celsius would help reduce the virus are being circulated on social media.

But this claim is unsubstantiated. “Because the impact of influenza reduces with the onset of summer, many people seem to believe that it will help reduce the novel coronavirus from spreading during summer. As its name suggests, this is a new virus and we don’t have any evidence to support such a conclusion,” Pushpa Mani Khanal, a medical doctor, told South Asia Check.

What latest researches say about COVID-19?

The latest scientific researches on coronavirus have pointed out that one-third of the infections of the disease were spread by people who did not demonstrate any symptoms. One research says that people infected with the disease may not show symptoms in the initial state. That’s why experts have recommended social distancing and maintaining a distance of six feet from other people.


2020, March 20, INJINA PANTHI, COVID-19: What’s circulating on social media and what are the facts?, SouthAsiaCheck

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