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Legit and Quick Way to Earn Money in 2021

If you are willing to make money online or offline quickly in a legit way in 2021, then you are in the right place.  Before we disclose the top 5 legit ways to make 200 dollars in one day, make sure to answer all the questions below.

Are you reading this article in 2021?
Do you want to Make Money Quickly?
Do you want to earn money in a legit way?
Are you looking for guaranteed and proven ways to earn money?
Can you give your extra hours?


If your answer is YES to all the questions above, then we are happy to let you know that this article is especially for you, because you are going to make yourself wealthy in the next few minutes.

Little Knowledge is Dangerous. So before we proceed, make sure not to skip any sentences. You may miss the most important piece of information.

Whether you are a housewife, a retired employee, a college student, a full-time worker or want to work extra hours to make extra income, these ideas are going to work for every one of you. So, if you have any unique skills and can invest your time then we guarantee you that you are going to fill up your pocket full of cash.

Legit & Proven Ways to Make 200 Dollars in One Day




Are you crafty or good at handicraft design? You could turn your hobby into a money-making venture by setting up your handicraft shop on Etsy. It is one of the proven ways to make 200 dollars per day.

Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy & sell handmade & vintage goods. It is designed specifically for “unique items”. The platform has 1.7 million active sellers and 28.6 million active buyers.

There are countless success stories of people who make handsome money every day on Etsy.

Etsy offers a meaningful & personal shopping experience to consumers & gives independent, creative businesses around the world the tools to be successful. Etsy is a popular website for people who want to buy beautiful handmade stuff like paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, costume jewelry, and other things.

You can set up a free marketplace on Etsy on a trial basis. And fill your pocket by selling any handmade or exclusive things you have.

The best thing about Etsy is that after the successful closing, the money from buyers goes immediately to your bank account or debit card.




Thumbtack utilizes a pay-per-lead scheme. It is an incredibly powerful tool for acquiring customers. For those of you who have never heard of Thumbtack, it’s a tool where consumers are seeking the service and service providers fulfilling consumers’ needs with the skills they have.

Thumbtack has an excellent app that gives you the freedom to earn $200 or much more in a day. They provide two iOS applications: one for small business owners, and the other for customers in search of services. All you need is some unique skill to get a task in Thumbtack.

Thumbtack has been providing its service since 2008 and now worth about $830 million.  Currently, Thumbtack lists 1,100 types of services in categories such as home, wellness, events, IT, instructor, marketing consulting, etc.

How to Get Started in Thumbtack?

Getting started is really easy. You can download the Thumbtack app and register yourself. Select the matching skills you can offer and set the price range you’re willing to work for. Within a few days, you’ll start to get the number of customers that require your work. Most of the jobs will offer you at least $50 per hour while some can get you $100 per hour. It all depends on your skill and time.  See how to succeed with Thumbtack. 




TaskRabbit, a web platform launched in 2008. It is an online mobile marketplace that matches freelancers with local demand or tasks, like cleaning, moving, delivery, yard work, handyman work, etc.  You can earn money by helping people with their everyday to-dos. It can make you $200 or more in a single day and sometimes $2000 in a week. Become a tasker and work independently to make good extra money on your own terms.

According to Apartment Therapy “TaskRabbit, one of the biggest players in the gig economy where people offer their time and services as housecleaners, movers, furniture assemblers…”

Now, you may be wondering how to get started in TaskRabbit.

How to Get Started in TaskRabbit?

Getting started is very simple. Download the app from Google Play or App Store. Open the app and complete the registration form and be sure to check your email for any additional instructions.  You can also set pay rates and state your level of experience. You’ll then need to provide some references or credentials for the background check as TaskRabbit requires background checks for all U.S. applicants. The reference like your legal name and date of birth must be genuine to verify your identity to run a background check report.

After successful registration, you’ll be a ‘Tasker’ and you need to attend an orientation. Whenever there is any task nearby you, then TaskRabbit notifies you of potential jobs. You can select the one and confirm your details with the client. Finally, make sure to complete the task and submit your invoice.

Note: To be eligible, you must be age 21 or older, ensure you have a checking account and credit card, and pass background and ID checks.




Microworkers is an online platform that connects Employers and Workers from around the world. Microworkers are not the fastest way to earn a huge sum at the initial phase, but as you grow to build up your reputation, then certainly you will earn more than $200 per day. 

You can be a housewife, a student who needs extra money, or if you simply love helping others while making some extra cash alongside, this is the place for you. You can work as a freelancer and earn extra money.

Some of the tasks you get in Microworkers is, Adding Comments, Liking someone’s youtube video, Downloading Apps, Forum Participation, Testing Websites, Writing Articles, etc. The minimum payment for a task starts from $5 up to $100 per hour, for specialized skills.


How to Get Started in Microworkers?

Open and register with your genuine information, as you have to verify everything later. After filling up the form, make sure to check your email for activation.   See more on how to register. 

Once you activate your Microworkers account, simply click the Task Link (List Available Jobs) which will then display the task information. Once you complete the task, you can see the balance added to your account.

You must earn at least $10 for payout. The payment is usually done through PayPal, Dwolla or Skrill. You need to verify your PIN before getting the payouts. It can take some time to withdraw your first payment as you will have to wait up to 4 weeks for the PIN to arrive by post.

Note: Microworkers doesn’t allow multiple accounts. 




Postmates is an American company that employs couriers to deliver goods locally. It operates across America. They deliver food from various restaurants to customers. They give this delivery task to people like us.  You will need to pick up food packages from restaurants and deliver them to customers. You can earn more than $20 per hour doing the delivery service for PostMates.

PostMates pays weekly via direct deposit for all deliveries completed between Monday–Sunday of the previous week.  Sometimes you will also get a small tip from the happy customers to reward your efforts.

How can you Get Started in PostMates?

All you have to do is. Open in your browser and sign up with your genuine info. Once you’re signed up, pass a background check by entering your date of birth and social security number and attended an orientation. You will be able to start delivering once your account has been activated. See more on how to sign up for PostMates.



These 5 fleets are quick, legit, and proven ways that can make you more than $200 per day. You don’t have to worry much instead make an effort on your side and complete the given task. If you can offer a unique skill then Etsy and Thumbstack would be the better option for you to earn huge money.

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The Best Relationship Advice For Men and Women

The Best Relationship Advice For Men and Women

Relationship Advice, problems and solutions For Men and Women

There are so many issues and pressure in every relationship. Everyone’s relationships are different. But sometimes we face similar issues. However, successful couples have already learned how to manage these common issues and run existing relationships smoothly.

So if you recognize the common relationship problems, you’ll have a better chance of getting out of them and enjoy a wonderful life.

Today We will look at the top 5 common relationship problems and few ways to tackle it. So let’s get started.

Problem 1. Communication.

All relationship problems usually start with poor communication. This can destroy your relationship if you are not careful. If you fail to communicate properly with your partner, then you are going to increase the level of misunderstanding and create a distance, because you may not be able to express your deep feeling to your partner. 

Some of the possible ways and relationship advice to overcome this issue are.

Be a good listener.

This is one of the most proven methods to solve the communication issues in your relationship. Take your time and talk, but most importantly, always be prepared to listen to your partner.

2, Become genuinely interested in your partner.

Take a moment and think about what genuine interest means!! It means a real interest in the partner or any subject matter your partner is discussing. Spent more time being genuinely interested in their lives, instead of talking about yourself, because when you talk about someone you love instead of yourself, the quality of communication shall increase, and the relationship will strengthen.

3. Don’t criticize, or complain

If you criticize or humiliate your partner then your partner is rarely going to respond well so you never get the behavior or the result you desire.

4. Make your partner feel important

This is the golden rule in the relationship. Everyone loves to feel important. so, one of the simplest ways to make your partner feel important is to give honest and sincere appreciation. 

Problem 2: Blaming Your Partner For Your Own Emotions.

This is one of the most toxic problems in the relationship. If you blame your partner frequently for everything, then it shows that you have low respect for them, or you are trying to be perfect. When you think and say that your partner is responsible for how you feel at all times, then this can easily end up your relationship. So check this relationship advice that will help you to overcome this issue.

So how can you solve this problem before it ruins your relationship?

If you want to solve this problem then, Take responsibility for your own emotions and expect your partner to be responsible for theirs in turn. As soon as you both take responsibility for the situation, then it gives both of you, an incentive to hide your true feelings and get closer to each other. 

What if you are blamed by your partner? 

If you are blamed, discuss with your partner how you feel about being blamed, rather than point your finger back at them and blame them for blaming you!

Problem 3. Trust Issues.

This is one of the common relationship issues that are probably difficult to overcome. In order to overcome this issue, you must follow this golden relationship advice. 

1: Stop Living in the Past. If your partner has hurt you in the past, then it is possibly difficult to build the same trust, but if you’ve already discussed it, sorted out the issues, and then moved forward, then stop living in the past. Give them enough time to improve and learn from their mistakes.

2. Talk openly with your partner. 

If there are situations that may worry you then openly talk about it with your partner, why the particular situation bother you. Let your partner know what you are feeling.

3. Work Hard to earn Trust. 

Trust is hard to earn. If you want to build trust then you have to be reliable, be honest, and be kind. Additionally, Little things like text messages, morning and good night wishes, giving flowers might seem small to you, but they may be huge to your partner. So always be ready to complete all small tasks and little things each day to get continue the healthiest relationship.

Challenge For you.

Send this text message to your partner and let me know what they reply to you, down in the comment box.

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Top 10 Interesting Facts You Must know 2020

Top 10 Interesting Facts You Must know 2020

1. You only have two body parts that never stop growing.

Unlike other parts of the human body, the ears and nose continue to grow for a person’s entire life. This is because the nose and ears contain cartilage, which never stops growing.

 2. Four babies are born every second.

according to the Ecology Global Network. there are approximately 250 births each minute, 15,000 each hour, and 360,000 each day. In a full year, there are around 131.4 million babies born on Earth.

 3. Muhammad is thought to be the most popular name in the world.

Of course, Most of you might have heard this name. but do you know? This is one of the most popular names in the world. This name is mostly used in Muslim tradition. According to the Independent, an estimated 150 million men and boys around the world share this name.


4. Chocolate can kill dogs.

Chocolate contains both theobromine and caffeine, both of which can speed the heart rate and stimulate the nervous system of dogs.


5. You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath.

Its impossible to commit suicide by holding your breath. Even if you can force yourself to overcome this reflex you would eventually pass out from lack of oxygen to your brain. 


 6. It is impossible to lick your elbow.

It’s physically impossible to lick your elbow because your tongue is too short to reach the tip of your elbow.


 7. Pigs can’t look up into the sky.

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky– they can lie down to see the sky, but not in the standing position. The anatomy of their neck muscles won’t let them look totally upwards.


 8. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear, by 700 times.

Wearing headphones is not bad, but wearing it for more than 30 minutes is bad for the ears. When you put on headphones, you cover your ears from the natural air, which increases the production of bacteria by 700% in 1hr.


9. Similar To Fingerprints, Everyone Also Has A Unique Tongue Print.

Like fingerprints, a tongue also has a unique print that differs from one another.


10. Only female mosquitoes bite.

female mosquitoes bite, in order to suck blood because only the female has the mouthparts designed to penetrate human skin.  they need blood, not for food, but to produce eggs.

Do you know why that tiny pocket in jeans was designed?

Find The answer and tell me in the comment section below.


5 Things Successful People Never Do Again

5 Things Successful People Never Do Again

Find the top 5 Things Successful People Never Do Again



1. Return to What has never worked before.

You should never go back, whether its a job, broken relationship, or any old way of thinking. Remember there’s a reason it didn’t work. If you’re going back make sure that reason is no longer there.


2: Try to change another person.

Sometimes We attempt to change the other person’s behavior or the situation, but we fail so many times. So when you realize you cannot force someone to change, then give them freedom and let them experience the consequence. They will learn from their own downfall.


3. Start the day without a plan.

Your chance at success starts from the first moments of your day. Successful start their day with something in their mind, with a motive to fulfill some goal. People who do not have a plan for the day end up wasting a lot of time trying to decide what they should be doing next. So always start a day with a plan of action.


4. Wait until they’re ready.

Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready.

If you’re working on something important, then you’ll never feel ready. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to start a business, lose weight, write a book, or achieve any number of goals… who you are, what you have, and what you know right now is good enough to get going.

If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting for your entire life.

5. Blame others for their circumstances

You will never find top successful people who blame others for their misfortune. They always take the blame. In some cases, they will even take the blame for other people’s mistakes. Blaming others provides your brain with an easy excuse to not improve upon yourself. But by taking responsibility for your own actions, you’ll have to work on yourself to avoid the same mistakes or circumstances again. So avoid blaming others instead of improving yourself.


No matter where you are in the world, and regardless of what you’re working on, Never do this if you want to be a successful person.


How often do you blame others for your mistakes?

Tell us in the comment section below.


The Top 5 Ways to Improve Communication Skills.

The Top 5 Ways to Improve Communication Skills.

With strong communication skills, you can easily win any interview. Great communicators bring solutions, drive change, motivate and inspire their colleagues and also an interviewer. This article will help you to improve communication skills. 

You can acquire leadership skills only by improving your communication skills. Most of the candidates don’t possess this skill or hesitate to communicate well. 

The biggest barrier is fear of what people thought of us. It’s a real illusion that ruins your communication skills and confidence. 

By improving communication skills, we can win an interview, improve employee engagement, impress employer, teamwork, decision-making, and many more.

Improve Communication Skills

Here are the top 5 Ways to Improve Communication Skills.

  • Listening

This one of the most important aspects of communication. “Listen more than you talk.”    

In order to communicate effectively, first, you must listen to what others have to say. “The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand, we listen to reply. ” 

Everyone feels safe to express ideas, opinions and plans to you if they feel that you are carefully listening to them. So If you want to improve your communication skills, then you should aim to master listening skills first.

  • Nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal communication means the way you listen, look, move, and react. According to helpguide When your nonverbal signals match up with the words you’re saying, they increase trust, clarity, and rapport. When they don’t, they can generate tension, mistrust, and confusion.

This means, what you say is communicated not through words, but through physical cues and actions.

According to Salesforce’s research on interpersonal communication, 93 percent of communication is non-verbal.

In order to master your nonverbal communication clearly and confidently, you must start with a proper correct posture while you sit, walk, stand, or hold head.. Avoid slouching, folding your arms or making yourself appear smaller than you are. Instead, fill up space you are given, your facial expression to convey countless emotions, maintain eye contact to show your confidence. It is better to wave, point, beckon or use your hands when speaking.

  • Prepare what you’re going to say

Practice before you speak. This is one of the key points to improve communication skills.

In order to boost your confidence and improve communication skills. You must be ready to practice, not once or twice. Practice over and over again. Practice wherever you are, inside a room, bathroom, bedroom or parking.

80 % of people agreed, that speaking in front of a mirror can help improve your communication skills in a short period of time.

You can also try a mock-up conversation with a trusted person so you can get rid of any potential mistakes.

  • Be ready for different answers

You must have a pretty clear idea of what you’re going to say. If you sound like a robot, its really going to ruin your topic. If you memorize everything words for word, it’s not going to sound very natural.

It’s better to memorize first and the last line, then plan a structure for your answer. Always be ready for a different answer. The goal is to ensure you starting and the ending point is stronger to support your answer.

Do not always focus on positivity, to improve communication skills and confidence, make sure to expect for negative queries or questions too, because no one can predict with certainty how other people will react.

  • Use Pauses

Always remember to maintain overall speed and pacing. Most of the candidates talk really fast, either to make an impression or due to overconfidence or nervousness.

Avoiding pauses in your sentences, or talking really fast shows weakness in your communication skills.  “You can use pauses strategically, inserting them right after important points to let them sink in or right before to allow you to gather your thoughts and get the audience’s attention for what you’re about to say.” according to the Muse career coach.

If you do not use pauses then it sounds like this, “MYNAMEISRICHARDFROMNXTECHTECHCAREERCOACHILOVETOTEACHPEOPLEABOUTPERSONALITYDEVELOPMENT…”. Isn’t it difficult to understand?

The same thing happens to the listener,  if you do not use pauses while speaking.


Conclusion: Communication skills are one of the most demanding skills in any industry. This skill boosts your confidence, leadership skills, teamwork, etc. So Inorder to improve communication skills in a short period of time. You must be ready to practice the above key point in your day to day life.

Solved – How to Disable RSS Feeds in WordPress?

Solved – How to Disable RSS Feeds in WordPress?

Do you want to disable RSS feeds on your WordPress site? Sometimes displaying RSS feeds on your app can pull huge bandwidth. In order to protect your bandwidth usage, you may want to disable RSS feeds of your WordPress site.

By default, there is no option to remove RSS feeds in WordPress. Here we will show you how to disable RSS feeds in WordPress.

Method 1: 99% Working

This is the easiest way to disable your RSS feeds.

  • Install Disable Feed Plugin and activate.
  • Then visit Settings » Reading page to configure them.
  • The plugin will  redirect users to related content on your site
  • You can also disable your RSS feed and show 404 not found page.