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Top 10 HR Interview Questions With Sample Answer

Top 10 HR Interview Questions With Sample Answer

 Top Interview Questions for Job

Top Interview Questions for Job

These are the most common HR Interview Questions. Make sure to practice it thoroughly for interview success. Check our Sample Answer on Google Play Store.

Top 10 HR Interview Questions With Sample Answer:

  1. Tell me about Yourself?

First and most frequently asked interview questions in any job.

They want to see how you react to the question. Highlight your accomplishments that are most relevant to this specific position, Tell them about yourself, your work, past work, your achievement, Your talent and your passion in a few lines. Remember not to give your answer longer than 2 – 3 minutes. This foremost question helps them to test your confidence and language skills. so give your answer carefully and confidently.  Check out the example below.

Note – General Tips:

 – Don’t Tell them your life story.

 – Don’t throw the question back. Like, What do you want to know? or What are you expecting from me?

 – Don’t mention all the qualities you think you have instead highlighted the qualities that they want on you.

 – Check out the Job responsibilities they are looking for or research the company’s website.


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2. How much work experience do you have? / Tell me about your work experience?

This is also one of the most important and commonly asked interview questions in any job interview. 

Interviewers always expect the candidates to be able to explain and demonstrate their past / current work experience in detail at the interview. Describe to them your job roles, responsibilities, about the company, and the tenure you worked in the past. Always try to remember what you have mentioned in the CV before you face the interview. Don’t give a negative impression taking too much time on thinking about your joining date, old salaries, etc. Answer the question immediately to throw a good impression on your interviewer.  Your answer should make it clear that you’re a strong performer in your current role and are now looking for a new opportunity to grow your professional career.

Note – General Tips:

 – Mention the positivity about your past company or boss even if you did not enjoy the work or your role in the past.

 – Be positive and focus on what you have learned from your past experience. 

– Your points should be beneficial to the company and the job role you are applying.

 – Don’t make any negative remarks about your past or present manager, your fellow employees, or the company you are working for.


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3. Why do you want to leave your current job?

The interviewer is not looking for any drawbacks on you, that could make them regret in the future. Remember, the interviewer does not know your previous manager or fellow employees, so make sure that you don’t highlight any negative remarks of your past employer. Focus on the new opportunities and new challenges striking on your way to developing your professional career.

Note – General Tips:

– Try your best to refrain from being negative.

– Emphasize the opportunities and challenges that this role will provide.

– Everyone wants to earn more but don’t make a reason that you want to earn more money.

– Don’t make any negative remarks about your past or present manager, your fellow employees, or the company you are working for.

– Don’t answer that I wasn’t being challenged.

– Backup your answer with some positive outcomes.


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4. Why are you interested in this job?

You need to let the interviewer know why they want you for the position. The interviewer not only want to know the reason why you want to work with their company but also want to know the reason why you want this particular role. so, It is good to make a realistic choice because you may be asked to give elaborate answers. Select a few key factors to incorporate into your pitch for why you’re a good fit.

Note – General Tips:

– Avoid giving the message of applying for a job with no work and all fun. – Express your Enthusiasm for the Company.  (Make a company research on websites)

– Express your excitement about joining the company and its team.

– Try to point out what the main part of the role entails, and a couple of the required skills in the job description.

– Don’t Mention the words like “I think” ” I hope” except in some exceptional cases.


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5. How do you ensure you make no mistakes at work?

Everyone does mistakes at any time. But some mistakes can be very harmful to your career. The interviewer wants to know how much care are you at your work and what are the ways for you to minimize those mistakes.

Note – General Tips to Avoid Mistakes:

 –  Double-check everything and ensure that you have done your work accurately.

 – Don’t be reluctant to ask help from your boss, supervisor or coworkers. Asking for help is not a sign of incompetence or inexperience.

 –  Entry-level candidates often believe that in order to be a star at work, one must show up to his boss. This is one biggest negative sign you are spreading on. Don’t compete with your boss or any other employee higher in position. Your hardworking will obviously catch everyone’s eyes.

–  Getting late to work every day is also a bad sign and the biggest mistake you do at your work.

– Try to learn From your coworkers. Sometimes they are more experienced than you are.


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6. What’s your greatest weakness? – Common Interview Questions

The interviewer is trying to figure out if your weakness will make it hard for you to do a good job or fit into the organization. Telling the interviewer that you have no weaknesses means that you’re hiding something so bad. Don’t you think it is a sign of overconfident? So Avoid saying that you have no weakness at all. A perfect candidate will mention weakness and turn it into a strength. It all depends on what you say to the interviewer.

Note – General Tips:

– Don’t refuse to answer the question.

Don’t confess to any work-related weaknesses. Mention the weakness that doesn’t relate to job responsibilities.

– Don’t think you are the perfectionist and don’t have any weaknesses.

– Select a weakness that is relatively minor or you can improve easily in the future.

– Avoid detailing your every weakness, don’t mention more than three weaknesses, It directly throws a bad impression to the interviewer.


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7. What’s your greatest strength? Fixed Interview Questions

This is a commonly asked question in job interviews for all levels of positions in all sectors. This question is the best chance for you to explain why you are the best-qualified candidate for this job. The interviewer is attempting to identify your key competencies and skills whether they fit with the needs of the role or not.  We all have varied strength, so the key point is to select behavioral traits which fit with the needs of the role and be sure to back up your strength with few examples to prove if asked further.

Note – General Tips:

– Make some interesting story to back up your strength.

– Focus on Quality instead of quantity( Highlight a few important strengths, Too many strengths may throw a negative impact to the interviewer). – Think strategically about what skills you possess to be qualified for the job and a good fit candidate for the company.

– If your strengths aren’t relevant to the job, they are just meaningless to the interviewer.

– Be like someone who will make an excellent addition to the team

– Mention your awards and achievements you got due to your strength.

Few strengths Best to Mention in your answer:

    • Honest
    • Intelligent
    • Work Ethic
    • OrganizedProblem-solver
    • Likable


  • All-rounder


  • Flexible
  • Independent
  • Trustworthy
  • Hard-working
  • Team player
  • Quick learner
  • Positive
  • Good communicator
  • Creative
  • Commander
  • Reliable 

     Sample Answers to this Interview Questions: View Here.

8. What do you know about our company?

This is one of the tough interview questions you are going to be asked by the interviewer. If you fail to have a good answer to this question, the interview is almost killed. They want to see how much research the candidate conducted about their company. They prefer people who’ll take the time to find out these very basic things, too. No answer or a short answer usually indicates no interest. Do not bring up anything negative about the company. 40% of candidates in the interview lose the job due to this question.

Note – General Tips:

–  Research the company carefully and thoroughly before an interview.

– Spend a lot of time on their official website. – Use other social media to see what they’re saying and where they are engaged recently. Check them out on twitter, facebook etc.

– Keep the answer as long as possible.

– Don’t throw the question back to them. Try to mention their mission, objectives, the products they offer, etc.

– Mention their awards and achievements if possible.

Few details Best to Mention in your answer:

  • Year founded
  • Name of CEO
  • Name of the person heading up the department
  • A few of the lines of business that the company is involved in and how they are doing
  • A few of our clients and specifically what they are doing with them.
  • Their competition, where they are strong and where they are weak.
  • If the company is public, revenue, market cap, stock symbol, stock price and an analyst rating or two
  • How you feel this is a great place to work based on something you read. 

     Sample Answers to this Interview Questions: View Here.

9. Why should we hire you?

The interviewer wants to know What makes you the best fit for this position? The best way to respond is to give concrete examples of why your skills and accomplishments make you the best candidate for the job. After all, the whole interview process is about answering this question. You need to sell yourself, so the more detail you give, the better your answer will be. This is not a time to talk about what you want. Rather, it is time to outline your accomplishments and relate what makes you best from other candidates.

Note – General Tips:

– Don’t exaggerate too much about yourself.

– Focus on your education, work experience, skills, aptitudes, and abilities which differentiate you from your competitors.

– Before facing the job interview, you should have a general sense of how to communicate. Please check out some of the tips on the ” GENERAL TIPS” Section in the menu left to your mobile screen.

– Your answer should be targeted towards interviewers’ expectations, not your personal needs.

– Avoid highlighting the points like:  I need money, I need promotion, I need a job, I want to work in the best location, I’ve always been interested in your work or company, etc.

– Emphasize Your Knowledge and Experience to Demonstrate Your Value.

– Don’t just highlight the points or simply rattle off the bullet points listed in the job description. Explain your main qualities in detail.


 Sample Answers to this Interview Questions: View Here.

10. Do you have any questions?

Asking a good question shows that you are interested and prepared. Try not to ask questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no answer.  A good response to the interviewer asking, “Do you have any questions?” would be: “Yes, I do.” It will show the employer you are keen, you’ve thought about the role in detail, and that you’ve gone the extra mile to prepare.

Note – General Tips:

–  It is important for you to ask questions—not just any questions, but those relating to the job, the company and the industry.

– You need to develop a list of questions that show you’ve prepared and really thought about the role.

–  Find some of the strategies that make you stand out from other applicants.



The question to ask:

  1.  Can you tell me about this job that isn’t in the description?
  2. When can I join your company?
  3. Is there any unclear answer in this interview you want me to clear it now?
  4. What is the key thing someone does to be successful in this job?
  5.  How would you describe the culture of the company?
  6. What is your technique of being a good interviewer?
  7. Tell me about the most successful person you hire last year?
  8. What hours are typically worked in a week for someone successful in this job?
  9. What kind of people do well in your company?
  10. How will my performance be measured?
  11. What would a typical day look like in this role?
  12. What is the biggest challenge you will face this year?
  13.  Can you tell me about this organization that isn’t widely known?
  14. How many employers are working for your company?
  15. Why did the last person leave this role?
  16. If I were successful, what would you like me to have achieved in the first 3 months?
  17. What do you expect from the prospective employees in this job? 

     Sample Answers to this Interview Questions: View Here.


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