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TVC AD Film Making and Advertising Agency in Nepal

TVC AD Film Making and Advertising Agency in Nepal

TVC Commercial Ads are one of the powerful weapons to sell or upsell your products. Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. The power of Television commercial Ads in the present times is unprecedented. Every successful business relies on its smart TVC Commercial Ads. It is one of the best marketing tools to grow your business.

Do you have a business and you want to boost your sales?

Do you want to promote your products to your targeted audience?

Are you looking for some agency for an outstanding idea for TVC ad making?

Are you looking for a cheap TVC making agency in Nepal?

If the answer is yes to all of your questions above, then you are in the right place. We will give you detailed information about TVC making, its price, benefits, consumer insights, useful advice, and about us. So let’s look at our content.

What is TVC ad films?

The full form of TVC is television Commercials. It is also sometimes called television advertisementcommercialadvertTV advert or simply an ad. A TVC is an audio-visual advertisement aired on Television stations. They are usually 30 seconds to 2 minutes or sometimes more than that.  It is usually scheduled by the program.  It conveys a message promoting, and aiming to market, a product or service. In the modern technology era, Tvc can also be the most effective ads to promote your product on youtube, Facebook, and other social networking sites. More info

What are the benefits of the TVC ad?

Is TV Advertising Still Effective, Relevant, and Worth It? The answer is yes

TVC can take your products to millions of homes all over the country displaying the features, quality, benefits, and a brief specification about your products and services you offer. Video is one of the popular tools nowadays. People engage more in video rather than prints, newspapers, or display ads.

One of the big advantages of television advertising is you can reach a wide, targeted audience. Good TV ads make your audience to react. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Take action. You can make it lighthearted or even humorous, thought-provoking or heartbreaking. Sell your products through emotions.

Being a Trusted Advertising Agency in Nepal

Nxtech offers a unique style and concept of TVC ads for your business. We analyze the target audience (Gender, Age, Status, etc), consumer insight, and many more for your particular product and come up with a unique idea to make the most powerful and effective tvc ad for your business. We have a creative young team in the ad filmmaking process including scriptwriter, director, cinematographer, editor, sound designer, VFX team, digital marketer, and SEO expert. With the help of our strong team, we will give you step to step instruction until the end.

Why Nxtech is the best advertising Agency in Nepal?

With more than 4 years of experience, we have helped many business owners to fulfill their dream goals. We have served more than 50 companies in Nepal. Unlike other ad agencies in Nepal, we make a deep research about the products of our clients and bring out the natural and helpful ideas to throw their business to a higher level. You just give us your product details and we will do the rest. For we believe in clarity of the ad and deliver the TVC commercial Ads that are simple yet impressive. The best time to start thinking about a TVC Commercial production is right now. Check our pricing details.

Cost of TVC Advertisement Making in Nepal?

Although Video Advertisement is costly in Nepal, we offer you the best and the most affordable price if you are coming through this page. Let’s take a look at our pricing details. Pick a plan that feeds your needs.


This paln is suitable for small companies
Shoot in 1/2 Location
Display Product Features and Qualities
Display Location and your business details
Detail research about the products
30 sec – 1.30 Minutes
High Definition Video Quality
No Models / No celebrity
Simple Sound Design / Dubbing

Rs. 60,000


This Plan is suitable for big comapnies
Shoot in 5/8 Location
Display Product Features and Qualities
Display Location and your business details
Detail research about the products
30 sec- 5 Minutes
HD /4k Video Quality
Story Format Ads With Creative artwork
Creative Sound Design With studio Dubbing
VFX / Sound FX/ Music/ Song
Local Models / Some Celebrity
Local Singer/ Dancer
High Production Value

Rs. 545000

How Can You Contact Nxtech?

You can contact us simply by emailing to us at or

You can also directly contact our marketing expert at +977 9810570201, +977 9880044942, +977 9813478383

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